Advancing  Agrifood Professionals in the New Era of Food System Transformation

As a member of the agrifood industry, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of agriculture, food production, and sustainability. Discover how The VINE can support your organization in driving innovation, fostering collaborations, and creating a more productive, sustainable, and equitable food system.

Why Choose the VINE?

Access to Innovation Ecosystem

The VINE offers access to a diverse ecosystem of startups, research institutions, and industry experts in the agrifood sector. Collaborate with leading-edge innovators and leverage breakthrough technologies to drive your organization’s growth, efficiency, and competitiveness

Collaborative Opportunities

Engage in collaborative initiatives that foster innovation and tackle industry challenges. Partner with startups, corporates, and research institutions to co-develop solutions, share knowledge, and leverage collective expertise to create transformative impact.

Industry Networks and Connections

Tap into our extensive network of industry stakeholders, including corporates, investors, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Connect with like-minded professionals, establish valuable partnerships, and explore new business opportunities within the agrifood ecosystem.

Market Intelligence and Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with access to market intelligence, trends, and insights into emerging technologies and consumer demands. Leverage our expertise and research capabilities to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and anticipate industry shifts.

Workforce Development

Participate in workforce development initiatives and engage with the next generation of talent. Shape the future of the agrifood industry by mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, supporting educational programs, and contributing to the growth of a skilled workforce.


“”California’s food and ag sector is at the forefront of global innovation.  The VINE plays an instrumental role in sustaining that leadership by bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world applications. The VINE fosters a dynamic environment where start-ups, academia, and industry leaders collaborate. This synergy is vital in addressing today’s agricultural challenges and driving our state’s agri-food industry towards a more prosperous future.”


Karen Ross
Secretary of CDFA

Collaboration Opportunities