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Building The Future of Ag-Food-Bio-Tech Innovation

Welcome to The Plant @ California – the future hub for Ag-Food-Bio-Tech Innovation. Situated in the Great Sacramento region of Northern California, The Plant is set to become a global center for pioneering research and product development, committed to addressing food system challenges, climate change, human health, and economic recovery.

Project Overview


The Plant will serve as a state-of-the-art incubator and accelerator facility, supporting the commercialization of startups in the Ag-Food-Bio-Tech sectors. Equipped with technical, laboratory, and manufacturing facilities, it will provide unparalleled support for research and development, commercialization, and scaling of Ag-Food-Tech innovations. The Plant will also offer spaces for industry-university collaboration, workforce development events, networking activities, as well as public and corporate experiential spaces to engage and inspire the community.

Project Overview


Addressing the Innovation Gap


Addressing the Innovation Gap


California is a recognized leader in technology and entrepreneurship, with Northern California leading the growth of food, ag, tech, and bio industries. However, an “innovation gap” exists – a hurdle in post-invention commercialization and scaling. The Plant is designed to fill this gap by providing the necessary facilities and guidance to develop, trial, and scale inventions for both new and existing companies seeking expansion.

Facilities and Capabilities


The Plant will feature state-of-the-art deep technology capabilities, including wet labs, greenhouses/vertical farming, biomanufacturing scale-up facilities, food processing, kitchen, and incubation spaces. Designed as a financially viable model, The Plant will demonstrate positive net operating income after its first year, following an initial build cost of $30M.

Facilities and Capabilities



The Plant is currently in the planning and development stages, with a feasibility study carried out in 2022. The implementation and construction plans, along with fund development, are scheduled for 2022-2023, while the actual building and launch of the center are projected for 2024-2025.


Feasibility Study