Accelerating AgriTech Innovation for California Agriculture

What is The VINE VIP?

VINE VIP is a unique accelerator program that matches startups with project partners in the agri-tech industry. We facilitate and deliver Proof of Concept (PoC) projects and commercialization trials for industry-defined challenges in California agriculture. By connecting startups with farmers, academics, and industry experts, we enable the validation, advancement, adoption, and amplification of innovative technologies. Our program aims to de-risk technology and jumpstart sales through our extensive network of industry partners.

Why Choose The VINE VIP?

Focused Themes

We address critical challenges in agriculture, including manure to product, harvest automation, controlled environment agriculture (CEA), regenerative practices, and biological solutions.

Targeted Companies

We welcome early-stage startups, growth-stage scaleups, and international companies that have developed prototypes applicable to California agriculture.

Scientific Validation Support

For early-stage startups, we provide scientific validation support through collaboration with our extensive academic network.

Field Trial Support

Growth-stage scaleups and international companies receive field trial support, ensuring their technologies are tested and proven in California’s unique agricultural landscape.

Industry Connections

Through our vast network of stakeholders, including farmers, academia, corporates, investors, and international collaborators, we facilitate valuable industry connections and market access opportunities.

How Does it Work?


Selection Process

We carefully evaluate applications and select companies with the most promising technologies and alignment with our program’s focus areas.

Partnership Matchmaking

Startups are matched with relevant project partners, including farmers, academics, and industry experts, to facilitate collaborative PoC projects and trials.

Validation and Field Trials

Startups undergo scientific validation or field trials, depending on their stage and technology readiness level (TRL).

Business Support

Our program offers business mentoring and industry-specific knowledge to help companies refine their product-market fit and navigate the agricultural landscape.

Market Amplification

Successful companies are presented with opportunities to showcase their technologies at industry events and engage with potential buyers for commercial engagements.

Innovation Scan

At VINE VIP, we stay at the forefront of agri-tech innovation by conducting a comprehensive Global Innovation Scan. This scan involves gathering insights from leading experts, industry reports, and technological advancements worldwide. Through this ongoing process, we identify emerging trends, potential partners, and promising technologies to shape the future of California agriculture.