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Discover Your Role in Transforming Agriculture and Food Systems with The VINE

At The VINE, we believe in the power of collaboration and inclusivity. Our programs and initiatives cater to a diverse range of audiences, each playing a crucial role in driving innovation and transforming the agriculture and food sectors. Explore how you can engage with The VINE and be part of a vibrant ecosystem dedicated to shaping the future of agriculture.

Who We Serve


Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with an innovative solution that can revolutionize the agrifood industry? Learn how The VINE can support your growth journey, connect you with valuable resources, and provide mentorship and funding opportunities. Join our ecosystem and turn your ideas into impactful businesses.


Corporate partners play a crucial role in shaping the agricultural landscape. Collaborate with The VINE to access groundbreaking technologies, foster open innovation, and drive strategic growth. From mentorship to industry collaborations, join us in creating a sustainable and productive future for agriculture and food.


Looking to invest in the future of agriculture and food systems? The VINE offers a gateway to promising startups and cutting-edge technologies. Explore investment opportunities, gain insights from industry experts, and be part of a dynamic network that drives innovation and economic growth in the agrifood sector.

Agrifood Industry

As a key player in the agrifood industry, your expertise and insights are invaluable. Engage with The VINE to share knowledge, collaborate on research and development, and drive advancements in sustainable practices. Together, we can create a more productive, resilient, and equitable food system.


Academic research fuels innovation and drives scientific breakthroughs. Collaborate with The VINE to bridge the gap between academia and industry, translate research into practical solutions, and contribute to a sustainable agrifood ecosystem. Join our community of researchers and shape the future of agriculture, food and biotech.


“From day one, the VINE has been an instrumental partner for Farm-ng. As a startup in California’s dynamic agrifood sector, the challenges are vast, but the VINE’s expertise, network, and dedication to nurturing startups like ours has been invaluable. Their hands-on approach and commitment have helped us navigate critical growth stages, bridging the gap between innovation and market success. For any agrifood startup looking for a genuine supporter, the VINE is the gold standard.

Ethan Ruplee


“Being at the intersection of startup building and agriculture’s future of work, Farmhand Ventures recognizes the transformative potential of The VINE. Their deep connection with innovators provides unparalleled insight into the agrifood sector’s next big things. I’ve been involved with the organization for years now and I’ve seen firsthand how they align investors with game-changing ventures. The VINE is simply unmatched in catalyzing meaningful investments in this space.”

Connie Bowen
Farmhand Ventures


“Participating in VINE events, especially FIRA USA, has been invaluable for Verdant Robotics. The VINE not only offers a platform to showcase our innovations but also fosters meaningful partnerships and opportunities. Their dedication to supporting corporates in the agritech space ensures that companies like ours can thrive and drive forward California’s leadership in sustainable agricultural solutions.”

Curtis Garner
Verdant Robotics

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Agriculture

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, researcher, industry stakeholder, or simply passionate about driving innovation in agriculture and food, we invite you to join us at The VINE. Together, we can create a more productive, sustainable, and equitable food system that benefits California’s future and beyond.

Connect with us, explore our programs, and be part of our vibrant innovation ecosystem. Let’s connect, build, and grow towards a thriving future for agriculture, food, and biotech.