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Perennial Crop Technology Landscape Database

by | May 16, 2024

The landscape of technologies designed to automate decision-making and activities in orchards and vineyards is rapidly evolving. To understand this technology landscape better, The VINE partnered with Opengate Partners, a boutique innovation consulting firm in California, to compile and analyze information on all the technology companies providing solutions for perennial crops, creating a comprehensive overview of the landscape.

Our approach went beyond conventional industry market maps of logos. We curated a dynamic resource that provides technology insights for anyone interested in the perennial crop ecosystem. We encourage you to explore the foundational database, which is illustrated by our comprehensive ecosystem map below. Details on our methodology and additional visual insights continue below.

Perennial Crop Technology Database


Our first task was to define the scope and criteria for inclusion in the database:

  • Commercial Focus: Must be a company with commercial goals, not just an academic research project.
  • Field Application: The technology must be active in orchards or vineyards, not just in the supply chain.
  • Non-Biological: The technology is non-biological in nature.
  • Digital Intelligence: The technology must have some element of digital intelligence.

Each company included in the database was categorized by technology type, activity type, and several other informational categories. Companies could be included in more than one technology or activity type. Broadly, companies were categorized into “Robotics & Automation,” “Decision Support,” or both, as illustrated in the graphic on the first page. All this information can be used to search and filter the database, providing insights into which technology companies might be worth further evaluation.


Technology Types Activity Types Informational Categories
IoT sensor Spraying Crops
Remote sensing Weeding Website
Vision-guided hardware Harvest Funding (if known)
Data management Pruning/thinning Product maturity
Data-guided hardware Other cultural practices Company size
Predictive modeling/mapping Pest management Country HQ
Decision support software Irrigation management Operational in the USA
Autonomous vehicle Nutrient management Relevant for almonds
Yield predictions
Driver replacement

The market maps below illustrate the activities that the technology supports or undertakes in an orchard or vineyard. Companies can be included in more than one activity. Further information on each of these companies can be found in the database above.

Omissions or Corrections

While every care has been taken in the preparation of this database, we acknowledge that some companies may have been missed, and not all information may be up to date. If you would like to submit a company for inclusion or provide updates to the information provided here, please fill in this form.

For more information on this database, please contact Mareese at