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Welcome to The VINE, the nexus of agriculture, food, and biotech innovation in California. Our mission is to leverage the dynamism of open innovation, aiding industries and entrepreneurs in achieving global expansion. Simultaneously, we strive to stimulate technological advancement and commercialization for productive, sustainable, and equitable food systems.

Fostering Collaborative Impact

At The VINE, we are committed to fostering a thriving, inclusive environment for innovation. We partner with a diverse array of stakeholders, each contributing their unique expertise, insights, and resources.


We support startups by offering the necessary tools, resources, and connections for them to flourish within our innovation ecosystem. Learn more »


Our partnerships with corporations drive innovation, opening avenues for collaboration with startups, academia, and the broader agri-food industry. Learn more »


We bridge the gap between startups and investors, creating opportunities for impactful investments in the agri-food sector. Learn more »


Our alliances with universities and research institutions harness academic insights, fueling innovation within our ecosystem. Learn more »

Agrifood Industry

With strong ties to the agri-food industry, we champion innovation that creates substantial impact in this essential sector. Learn more »

Our Initiatives


This program connects startups, investors, researchers, and industry stakeholders, offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for accelerated growth.


Our VIP initiative accelerates the commercialization of agtech through field trials, pairing startups with industry partners for market adoption and growth.


We provide European corporate accelerators a route to the California market, validating and scaling innovations via field trials.


Our studio bridges the gap from research to startup, nurturing food technology ventures and driving innovation in areas like alternative proteins and precision nutrition.

Farm Robotics

This challenge inspires student teams to program farm robots, addressing production farming issues with practical application.

The Plant

Our Ag-Food-Bio-Tech Innovation Center, The Plant @ California, fosters research and growth, bridging the “innovation gap” with deep tech capabilities for commercialization.

Our Insights and Updates

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Participate in enlightening panel dialogues, witness firsthand tech showcases, and connect with pioneering thinkers from the agri-food realm. Catering to startups, investors, scholars, and agri-aficionados alike, our curated events promise inspiration at every turn.

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