Turning Research into Commercial Companies
The VINE Studio - two individuals conducting research experiment

What is The VINE Studio?

The VINE Studio is dedicated to translating scientific research and early-stage technologies in      agriculture into successful commercial companies. With a special focus on the just transition of the future of work in food and agriculture, the VINE Studio nurtures promising technologies into commercial companies, backed by a multidisciplinary team of industry and University of California expertise.

Why Choose The VINE Studio?

Innovative Approach

We follow a systematic process of company building to translating applied technologies into products and companies to de-risk the path to market.

Experienced Team

Our dedicated team of multidisciplinary academic and industry experts, advisors, and coordinators bring a wealth of experience to support and guide teams and technologies throughout the development process.

Access to Resources

With the backing of UC ANR and our vast network, we provide projects with the necessary resources, expertise, and facilities to conduct proof-of-concept studies,      validate their technologies, and build minimal viable products.

Commercialization Support

We assist in navigating the complex landscape of commercialization, company creation, funding, and regulatory compliance, paving the way for successful market entry.

How Does it Work?


Global Innovation Scan

We conduct a thorough global innovation scan to identify emerging research areas and technology trends around the future of work in agriculture. This  research helps us stay at the forefront of the latest advancements and market needs, and ensures that we focus on the most promising areas for commercialization.

Research and Technology Evaluation

Our team of experts carefully evaluates research projects and early-stage technologies from UC campuses and other partner institutions. We assess their commercial viability, scalability, and alignment with our mission to bring sustainable solutions to the market.

Project Development

Selected projects undergo a structured development process within the VINE Studio. Our experienced team works closely with project teams to productize their technology, conduct feasibility studies, and develop robust go-to-market strategies.

Proof of Concept

The VINE Studio provides resources, expertise, and access to state-of-the-art facilities for conducting proof-of-concept studies. This critical stage allows researchers and entrepreneurs to validate their technologies, gather data, and demonstrate their commercial potential.

Commercialization and Market Entry

Projects that successfully pass the proof-of-concept stage are supported by the VINE Studio in scaling up their operations and entering the market. Our team collaborates with industry partners, investors, and market experts to navigate the complex landscape of commercialization, funding, and regulatory compliance.

A Public Private Partnership

The VINE Studio leverages the extensive resources and expertise of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). With representation on five UC campuses (UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Merced, UC Riverside, and UC Santa Cruz), UC ANR operates statewide, covering every county in California. UC Davis and UC Berkeley, in particular, provide invaluable support and contribute specialized knowledge to the VINE Studio.

In collaboration with the University of California, Farmhand Ventures helps teams with the process of productizing their technologies, creating companies, and securing funding. 

Become a Partner of
The VINE Studio

The VINE Studio welcomes partnerships with industry, investors, and academic stakeholders who share our vision of translating research into impactful commercial products. By joining forces with the VINE Studio, partners gain access to cutting-edge technologies, research expertise, and a network of innovators in the bio-based food technology sector.

Collaborate with leading researchers and entrepreneurs from UC campuses and partner institutions.

Gain early access to groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions in the bio-based food space.

Participate in the development and commercialization of impactful products with environmental and human – health benefits.

Contribute to shaping the future of sustainable food and agriculture by supporting research-driven ventures.

Access potential investment opportunities and expand your network of industry leaders and experts.

We invite corporations, investors, academic institutions, and other stakeholders
to join us in our mission to turn research into commercial products that address the pressing challenges of our time.