Innovator Showcase

We are constantly on the lookout for great innovators and innovations. Our Innovator Spotlight section is where we will include a list of agriculture and food innovators that we think you should know about. See any missing? Think you should be included? Please let us know here.

Impact Vision

Impact Vision is a software company based in San Francisco, CA that helps food processors, manufacturers, and retailers by using hyperspectral imaging. Hyperspectral imaging software provides food companies with information about the quality of their products to help determine the quality of the product. Impact Vision’s goal is to create the worlds largest database of spectral signatures so this information can be accessed anywhere.

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Farmstead is a Silicon Valley consumer technology company that builds smart digital products to modernize the grocery supply chain. Our first innovation is an AI-powered digital grocer that sources and delivers fresh, local food from farm to table in 60 minutes or less.

We reinvent the grocery experience by leveraging advancements in AI technology and the gig economy to meet consumers’ everyday grocery needs more sustainably.

Our mission is to make high quality food accessible to everyone.

FreshAI helps restaurants, grocers, c-stores and wholesalers cut food waste to zero while reducing stockouts and accurately predicting demand.

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Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is a Boston-based technology company that offers software and professional services to help food businesses recover more value from unsold inventory. We work with operators of food distribution centers and partner with companies like Sysco and HelloFresh to enable item-level tracking and reporting of food recovery and waste diversion activities, while also facilitating food donations, discounted sales, and organics recycling to local, regional, and national networks of outlets. Our ultimate goal is to help companies analyze, manage, and mitigate the negative impacts of unsold inventory and waste. Spoiler Alert is venture-funded and was a member of the 2016 cohort of Techstars Boston and 2015 winner of MassChallenge. The company prides itself on its collaborative culture and mission-driven aspirations, and values transparency, personal growth, and results.

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iFood Decision Sciences

iFoodDecisionSciences develops dynamic data management software solutions for growers, harvesters, coolers, packers, processors, and shippers. They provide software-as-a-service applications for the specialty crop industry.

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Inteligistics is a provider of innovative cold chain and supply chain visibility solutions for the food, logistics, healthcare and energy monitoring markets. They provide real time pulp temperature tracking, reporting and alerting across the value chain.

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