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Innovator Showcase

We are constantly on the lookout for great innovators and innovations. Our Innovator Spotlight section is where we will include a list of agriculture and food innovators that we think you should know about. See any missing? Think you should be included? Please let us know here.


Tiny Farms is a platform for producing cricket protein as a high quality replacement for traditional livestock and fish products in pet food, animal feed, and human food – with a fraction of the footprint in terms of land, water, feed consumption and GHG emissions. We are addressing the urgent global need for low carbon, resource efficient sources of protein.

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SOUL MUCH started because Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman were
working at a restaurant where they noticed pounds and pounds of nutritious grains such as brown rice and quinoa were being thrown away every night. These were not the scraps on customer’s plates, these were unserved grains straight from the rice cookers. They saw an opportunity to build a brand, to educate the world about food waste, and to show that profit and purpose can be two players on the same team.

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Renewal Mill’s vision is to create a circular economy of food that closes the loop in today’s current supply chain, keeps valuable nutrition from going to waste, and reduces our impact on the environment. By diverting fibrous byproducts from landfills, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By employing innovative sourcing and processing, we keep costs low and connect consumers to inexpensive, high-quality nutrition. Renewal Mill’s is committed to keeping things as naturally wholesome as possible. That’s why their products do not involve synthetic techniques or unnatural fortification.


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The mission of Farm from a Box is simple: provide an enabling mechanism for communities to prosper.  We like to think of it as food sovereignty in a box. 

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Enabling food producers, food processors, and retailers to extend shelf lives, reach new markets, and reduce waste. Cambridge Crop’s products create odorless, tasteless, and invisible barriers that slow down spoilage.

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