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Food Delivery

Many new majors companies, such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, are now focusing on providing food delivery service as a response to a rapidly growing demand for easy and fast access to food. These featured startups and innovators are jumping into the food delivery market with their unique tools, such as focusing on specific types of food for niche or smaller audiences, or more sustainable and healthy options.  

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect, is working to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. Despite foods appearance, Imperfect believes no matter what it looks like, everyone deserves to have access to healthy food. Imperfect aims to recover ugly produce, reduce hunger, raise awareness, support farmers, create good jobs, and celebrate foods imperfections as well.




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4P Foods

4P Foods is evolving the local food hub model and has delivered over 40,000 bags of food from over 130 local farms to over 250 zip codes in the DC Metro area.  4P Foods is nearing $1MM in top-line sales with nearly 50% gross margin for 2017 and nearing break-even in just under 4 years.

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