Alternative Protein

The trend toward alternative protein products has been on the rise over the past 5-10 years along with changing diets and a growing interest in reducing meat consumption for environmental and ethical reasons. Alternative proteins are substitutes to regular meat and animal products, including dairy.  Plant based meats and dairy products as well as edible insect flours and snacks are being developed as substitutes to provide the same amount of protein with less negative impact on the environment. These featured startups and innovators are developing new protein alternatives for the today’s discerning consumers and manufacturers striving to meet consumer demands while being more sustainable.

Tiny Farms

Tiny Farms is a platform for producing cricket protein as a high quality replacement for traditional livestock and fish products in pet food, animal feed, and human food – with a fraction of the footprint in terms of land, water, feed consumption and GHG emissions. We are addressing the urgent global need for low carbon, resource efficient sources of protein.

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Abbots Butcher

Abbots Butcher creates plant-based meals with the main ingredient being the protein that has been harvested from golden peas. Their plant-based meats are the modern-day essentials that make plant-based cooking delicious and intuitive. Every ingredient used to craft Abbots Butcher products are produced from non-GMO ingredients making it preservative free.



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Sophie’s Kitchen

Sophie’s Kitchen‘s original line of seafood alternative products is in nearly 2,000 retail doors nationwide, Sophie’s Kitchen is creating a new category of plant based meat alternatives.  Expanding beyond “seafood”, Sophie’s will apply its proprietary technologies and innovation pipeline, to leverage alternative plant sources while delivering a satisfying meat texture for the flexitarian market.

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Zoni Foods

Zoni Foods is reinventing cooking to make it easy for everyone to eat healthy, plant-based food. Zoni does this by making frozen plant-based stovetop meal kits that go from freezer to plate in 10 minutes. Each of their kits contains one serving of minimally-processed plant proteins, starches and a unique sauce that cook on the stove in one pan.

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