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Cooperative Extension (CE) is a nationwide network of land-grant university researchers and educators who solve problems in agriculture, the environment, and human and community well-being. For more than 100 years, CE has helped foster a connection between the university and the public.

The strength of CE is in delivering evidence- and science- based information to industry and the public and working with them to solve real-world concerns. University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) has farm, 4-H, nutrition, family and consumer sciences advisors based in more than 50 county offices throughout California.

ANR envisions a thriving California in 2025 where healthy people and communities, healthy food systems, and healthy environments are strengthened by a close partnership between the University of California and its research and extension programs and the people of the state. The University remains connected and committed to the people of California, who enjoy a high quality of life, a healthy environment, and economic success in a global economy.