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Connecting people who are feeding the world with people who are changing the world through tech innovation…The Mixing Bowl was first conceived in 2013 by tech executives who had seen other industries like Telecom, Finance, Healthcare and Education benefit from connections with Silicon Valley’s IT innovation ecosystem. Among the largest industries in the world, Food & Agriculture is confronted with the daunting task of feeding billions more people while responding to new challenges around environmental sustainability, climate change, and new consumer preferences for local and organic foods, greater transparency of food information, and more convenience. In response to these challenges, The Mixing Bowl strives to stimulate the adoption of IT innovation in the Food and agriculture industries through business-focused dialogue between existing industry players, start-ups, investors, and other food innovators. As a leader in the Food/Ag tech community we have built our network and knowledge through in-person and online information sharing, advisory services, and efforts to fund innovative companies. The Mixing Bowl provides: Forum for Information Sharing, Advisory Services and Funding Activities through Better Food Ventures.