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Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL)

One of Mayor Steinberg’s top priorities is to grow Sacramento’s capacity to catalyze new investments as well as build and attract the future workforce by increasing the number of high-wage private sector job opportunities in the region. With this call to action, the Office of Innovation & Economic Development (OIED) has engaged stakeholders across our region’s innovation ecosystem to co-create a framework for transforming Sacramento into a living laboratory where future technologies can be developed, tested, and scaled.

The Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL) is a framework within which entrepreneurs, advanced technology businesses, and academic institutions collaborate to solve real world problems and accelerate quality of life improvements. As emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), improve our lives as consumers, we have yet to grasp the implications of how these technologies will transform society. SUTL aims to position Sacramento as a leader by bringing awareness to current and future City initiatives, as well as developing programming to support the growth of the following industry verticals in Sacramento:

  • Mobility
  • Clean Technology and Sustainability
  • Life Science and Health IT
  • Food Systems
  • IoT and Cybersecurity
  • Government and Civic Technology
  • Workforce Development

These verticals are areas in which Sacramento enjoys a unique competitive advantage with opportunities for high-growth industries that will attract capital investment and create the jobs of the future. SUTL’s initial focus on these areas gives Sacramento a framework to tell our story of transformation and align efforts around a shared vision. OIED’s commitment to inclusive economic growth will ensure that all residents have equal access to these opportunities and that the benefits are shared by all.