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We are an IT company with practical experience in Big Data and geospatial technologies. Our mission is to provide a global geospatial platform which is affordable to users and enables them to operate effortlessly with Earth Observation data like satellite imagery, weather data, and similar data sources. With our platform you can easily build new data-driven products for agriculture, logistics, retail, transportation, and many others.

Our business model is simple and affordable for everybody – from individuals who are seeking to start a new business to large enterprises and tech giants. We have free products for easy start, and several paid subscriptions depending on volume of provided data. We have weather history and forecasts, open source and commercial satellite imagery, and other Earth Observation data that are available through unified APIs provided by our high-performance platform. We are continuously expanding our product portfolio by adding new data feeds and tools. We use cutting-edge technologies for collecting, processing and distributing data to keep the unprecedentedly high volume of operations. VANE platform processes petabytes of data online and serves billions of API calls per day keeping reasonable prices at the same time.