Kitchen in the Market

At heart, we are a shared commercial kitchen space…but we’re oh so much more. Founded in 2010, KITM was created as a shared space because we needed a commercial kitchen for our catering company! Molly Herrmann had also begun teaching a popular cooking class, Cooking the Market, at Midtown Global Market. Well, if we’re gonna build a giant kitchen, we should have a cooking school too! Oh, and let’s throw in some really cool retail to frost the cake. Viola! Kitchen in the Market was born. Providing a shared environment for food professionals also creates a sneak peek into the world of professional cooking for the public. Our large open kitchen allows passersby to see (and smell!) what’s going on behind the scenes. But you know what’s even better? You can get right in the kitchen with us! Our public classes and private events get you cooking in a way you never have before.