We are a collection of food and beverage-focused entrepreneurs who are here to grow, to dream, to believe, and to achieve with you. We started with a vision, and we have emerged as an experience that fosters creativity and helps you break down barriers and start and scale your food business the right way, on your own terms. We believe that food companies are about more than just food. They are about people. They are about making connections. And they are about addressing needs through culinary solutions.

Hudson Kitchen supports food entrepreneurs by providing commercial kitchen and storage rental, food business consulting services, networking events and training through our Food Business Bootcamp. And we have made it our business to help you build your business. We are not a big corporation. We don’t want to be. We are not competing with your business. We want to support it. Our small business helps us raise our families. Our small business helps you raise yours. We are invested in your success. When you succeed, we succeed. And then the community succeeds.