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The goal of feeding the ever increasing population, addressing changing needs and preferences of the people as well as pushing the necessity to use resources in a sustainable manner, presents many challenges, such as environmental pressure, but it also provides many opportunities. As the leading global food & agriculture bank, Rabobank is determined to contribute to overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth. Together with our clients, partners and colleagues worldwide, we believe that we all need to contribute to the four dimensions of food security: increasing the availability of food, improving access to food, promoting balanced, healthy nutrition, and increasing stability. While our view on these dimensions of food security shape our understanding of the challenge of “guaranteeing healthy, safe, and sufficient food for everyone,” we also acknowledge that these challenges are highly interconnected and complex. We understand that no one new business model or technology will be able to address all elements of these interconnected and complex global food challenges. Rabobank believes that it is crucial to encourage, support, and promote an ecosystem full of different business models and viewpoints that will drive innovative solutions. We believe our key role in supporting this type of ecosystem is to promote and facilitate connections throughout the entire food and agriculture value chain. In particular, we aim to offer and facilitate access to finance, knowledge and networks, and we aim to help the food ecosystem succeed.