Food Innovation Accelerator

Innovation in the food industry can mean new or updated products, process adjustments, facility or line expansion and updating regulatory compliance. Expertise and specialized are needed to achieve optimum results, both of which may not exist in a company’s infrastructure. From an individual with a bright idea to an established company looking to stay ahead of the curve, outside resources are often needed on challenges. The Food Innovation Accelerator, or FIA, at K-State Olathe is an outgrowth of, and collaboration with, the Kansas Value Added Foods Lab, and is housed in the kitchens of K-State Olathe. It is a blend of facilities and expertise designed to provide support for the food product and ingredient industry — especially those companies starting new product lines or scaling up existing processes. Our facilities consist of multiple work areas in five kitchens that match space and equipment to the variable needs of specialty food product producers. Zones in the facility are based on equipment and cooking needs, with some reconfiguration possible. Equipment includes food processors, fryers, slicers and assorted ovens. Kitchens have direct access to a loading dock.