Dartmouth Grange Kitchen

The Grange Kitchen is operated within the existing Dartmouth Grange organizational structure. Opened in 2007, this 2,000 square foot addition to the Dartmouth Grange’s historic Patron’s Hall, provides a certified workspace for food preparation, production, and storage for light small-scale food production and food service operations. It is a great space for entrepreneurs, artisan food producers, farmers market vendors, caterers, growers, cooking classes, taste testings, etc. Equipment includes conventional and double stacked convection ovens, six burner range, commercial mixer with twenty and forty quart attachments, forty gallon tilting skillet, forty gallon steam jacket kettle, semi-automated wet filling machine, refrigerator and freezer space, and prep sinks and tables. Our kitchen is available for rent twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Grange Kitchen Members receive reduced rates, and assistance in finding experts to help with research and business development. Kitchen Members pay a small, annual membership fee. Hourly use fees are based on equipment use and time of the day. Unlike other shared-use facilities, there are NO monthly minimum usage requirements or fees. You pay only for the time you use. To strengthen the community and support agriculture. Food entrepreneurs are important to economic development and sustainability of rural communities: jobs, taxes, and utilization of agricultural products = value added.