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Ag based expertise allows Ag Tech Insight to bring the technology, investment, and agricultural worlds together through the rapidly growing ag tech industry while providing real life solutions for a more fruitful future. Startups and the tech world have amazing ideas and concepts, and investors want to help bring those to the market, but often times they do not have the integration or in-field experience necessary to produce market viable solutions or implementation. To fully understand the power of a solution, it is necessary to understand the daily routine of the farmers and their potential needs for technology, in order to form the pathway for the initial stages of integration, learning, and calibration. Leveraging our decades of experience in many aspects of commercial agriculture enables start-ups and investors to find viable solutions and product placement in the agricultural marketplace. We work closely with industry professionals to provide in-field testing, product R&D and grower feedback to ensure that your Ag Tech solution will be successful and profitable for years to come.