• UC leads new $20M USDA-funded AI for the Food System Institute

    The U.S. National Science Foundation is establishing new artificial intelligence institutes to accelerate research, expand America’s workforce, and transform society in the decades to come.

    As part of this initiative, they have setup the AI Institute for Next Generation…

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  • From Drones and Mining to Tractors and Farming, Persistence Data Mining (PDM) Applies Their Hyperspectral Imaging and Data Technology to Solving Soil Health Issues

    Persistence Data Mining (PDM) is a software analytics firm that uses hyperspectral imaging to measure soil nutrients.

    PDM’s technology can increase producer profits while reducing fertilizer overuse, which is a major cause…

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  • There are Ag Tech Providers Around the World

    By Patrick Cavanaugh on California Ag Today

    Adrian Percy, formerly with Bayer Crop Science and now the owner of Nomad Technology Consulting, is looking beyond the borders to help find technology for agriculture. He is excited to bring new…

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  • UCCE research seeks biological solutions for the agriculture industry

    By Jeannette E. Warnert, Originally published in Green Blog by UCANR


    UC Cooperative Extension plays an active and ongoing role in the effort to increase agricultural sustainability and minimize the industry’s environmental impact, a role that was showcased…

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  • Innovator Spotlight: Athena Intelligence – An Advocate for the Acre

    By Leanna Sweha

    The VINE (The Verde Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship) mission is to help sustainable  food and agriculture innovators access the connections and resources they need to build, launch and grow their innovations. As a part of…

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